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Mobile Sculpture Workshop


The Mobile Sculpture Workshop, an outreach program of The Industrial Arts Center, is a summer workshop aimed at demonstrating the techniques of safe and proper welding and metal fabrication while producing a large-scale sculpture for public display. This program is an effort to inspire the youth of Pittsburgh and its neighbors with an opportunity of design, conception and completion of public art.



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8 Apprentices

Local students are offered one-on-one training to learn basic techniques of welding and metal fabrication. Qualified students will be accepted based on their individual interest and passion. Students receive a modest stipend at the end of the summer for their participation in the project.


1 Sculpture

Apprentices will guide the vision, planning and creation of a large sculpture that will be completed and installed in the Pittsburgh area. Before completion, the evolving work will live on a flat-bed trailer, mobile and ready for the next scheduled event.


12 Events

The work-in-progress sculpture will travel to 12 community events and festivals throughout the summer of 2017. Apprentices will demonstrate live sculpture making and metal work at events throughout the community.



What is the Industrial Arts Center?


At the heart of the Industrial Arts Center is a commitment to serve the creative needs of its people through community outreach and collaboration. It is the mission of the IAC to inspire artistic literacy in the city of Pittsburgh and beyond by offering enrichment opportunities that advance the understanding and process of sculpture making artists and their work.